About us

How many times did you come across a halacha question in your home, when you told yourself: “It’s time to learn the halachos and know the answers”? 

We all know the Rebbe’s instruction that chassidim receive smicha before their chasuna; and that whoever did not manage to complete it before their chasuna, should do so afterward. However, despite our desire, it seems like an impossible task. Without proper guidance, without a program that has a beginning and end, the chances of succeeding are slim. In addition, the ability to discern the proper halachic ruling and apply it to practical cases requires proper instruction. 

It is for this purpose that the “Machon Limud HalachaLema’an Yilmedu” program was created — so that anyone who wishes to learn the relevant halachos and receive their smicha should be able to do so — with an organized program, weekly classes, tests to help with review and retaining information, study booklets with summaries in English, and a dedicated teacher ready to answer every question. 

In order for each participant to be successful, Lema’an Yilmedu pays much attention to the quality of its study material. They begin from the source of a subject in the chumash, continuing on to gemoro, rishonim and acharonim; up to the final ruling in halacha. But without doubt, the highlight of the material is their new English translation of the Shulchan Aruch studied — the first time an English translation of Shulchan Aruch will be printed. The halachos of Basar B’chalav, Ta’aruvos and Melicha will appear in textbooks, translated — parallel to the original page in Hebrew.  

Classes will be interactive: Text-based, and including multimedia presentations; in order to ensure a successful study experience. 

To help students properly retain the Torah they’ve learned, monthly written tests will be administered throughout the year. These tests will be written by the smicha vaad — those who will later administer the smicha tests.