Everyone wants the best Chosson Teacher
That could be you!

When it comes to finding a Chosson teacher, everyone seeks the best. Someone who will prepare them properly to observe the foundational mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha in a meticulous and joyful manner. Someone who will also provide them with expert guidance in the areas that extend beyond the Halachos, how to maintain Shalom Bayis and create a home where the light of Torah shines throughout.

The Chosson Teacher Training Course is running in conjunction with Mikvah.org's Kallah Teachers course, ensuring the Chassanim and Kallahs are on the same page. The course was produced in alliance and will be overseen by Machon Taharas Habayis which is under the Crown Heights Badatz.

Upon the completion of the Chosson Teacher Training Course the graduates will receive a Teudah - Chosson Teacher Certification.

The Chosson Teacher who completes the course will be armed with the Halachos, Hashkafos and direction needed to teach the next generation of Chassanim, in a way that is practical, relevant and extremely relatable.

Maggidei Shiur

The course will be taught by renowned Chosson teachers and leaders in the field:
Rabbi Pesach Schmerling
Shliach to Far Rockaway, NY - Chosson Teacher

Course Halacha Segment
Rabbi Avrohom Hersh Levin
Yeshivas TTL Morristown, NJ - Chosson Teacher

Course Sholom Bayis Segment
Rabbi Mendel Lipsker
Shliach to Sherman Oaks, CA - Chosson Teacher

Course Zugiyut Segment

Workshops & Lectures

The course is replete with workshops and lectures given by various Rabbanim and professionals in different topics pertaining to Taharas Hamishpacha and Shalom Bayis.
Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin
Rav of Chabad in Cleveland, OH, Senior Chosson Teacher

Lecture: Chassanim Guidance In Halacha and Hashkafa
Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander
Rav, 'Heichal Menachem' Monsey

Lecture: Common Commplex Questions
Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky
Mesivta 'Oholei Torah', Noted Mechanech

Lecture: Lovingly Educating a Family
Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz
Shliach and Mashgiach of YTTL Morisstown

Lecture: Foundations & Tziyur of a Yiddishe Home
Dr. Gavriel Fagin
Tikunim Counseling

Lecture: Establishing a healthy home despite turbulent past
Rabbi Yitzchok Melber
Machon 'Tahareinu'

Lecture: Taharah, Procedures and Medicine
Dr. Meir Zigler
Licensed Therapist - Trauma Specialist

Lecture: Identifying signs of abuse and methods to help

The Curriculum

The Chosson teachers will also receive a complete syllabus and access to comprehensive student workbooks so that they can turn what they've learned into the classes that they will give their Chassanim.
Vigorous Classes
The curriculum is covered in a year's time with a two-hours class a week
Live, Online Classes
The classes take place online in an interactive classroom via Zoom
Comprehensive Program
Supplement classes by the experts in the field will be given throughout the course
The Certificate
The certification is recognized by the Badatz of crown heights