Learn the Halachos Of Chuppa And Kiddushin With Lemaan Yilmedu.

Every Chosson and Kallah who get married, each come with their unique background, story and circumstances. So many important questions can come up at any part of the process and the Rav needs to know what to do.

For those wishing to learn the halachos in a clear, thorough manner, we just opened registration for our brand new course: Hilchos Chuppa V’Kiddushin.

The course will take place over the course of 9 to 10 months and is the most comprehensive course on hilchos Chuppa V’Kiddushin to date. The participants will be led on a journey through the evolution of the halachos. They will travel across the pages of the gemara, into the world of the Shulchan Aruch, and finish their adventure in the responsa of modern day Rabbanim, gaining insight into how they dealt with complicated situations and unique challenges.
Maggid Shiur:
Rabbi Mordechai Farkash
Rabbi Farkash is well known as one of the most esteemed Chabad rabbonim, and is heavily involved in practical halachic rulings and guidance with regard Chupa and Kiddushin. He is the author of the sefer, "Seder Chupa V'Kidushin" — a practical guide on the subject, encompassing the instructions of our Rabbeim.

Supplemental Workshops

Supplemental workshops will take place throughout the course led by world-renowned lecturers and will cover all areas that are beyond the scope of the actual halachos.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Toward a Meaningful Life
Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov
Dear Rabbi, Why Can’t I Marry Her
Rabbi Aaron Laine
GPS For a Happier Marriage

The Curriculum

The curriculum covers all topics having to do with siddur chuppa and kiddushin with an emphasis on the practical-halacha l'maaseh including the laws of eidus, the tennaim document, writing names, yuchasin, eidim for the kesuba, the chuppa, etc.
Vigorous Classes
The curriculum is covered in a year's time with a one-and-a-half-hour class a week
Live, Online Classes
The classes take place online in an interactive classroom via Zoom
Comprehensive Program
A Yom Iyun for practical application will take place in Crown Heights
Semicha Certificate
The certificate is recognized by the Israeli Rabbanut Ha'Rashit