Rabbi Gavriel Zinner Impressed with Lemaan Yilmedu

It’s not every day that you see such a sight: thirty-five businessmen, men with families, sitting with a distinguished rav, one of the great poskim of our generation, and responding to complicated questions on the laws of meat and milk, clarifying what is the dispute between the Shach and the Taz and explaining what the difference in views is between the Mechaber and the Rema.

It was an additional test in the semicha program of “Machon Lemaan Yilmedu” which took place with Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, author of Nitei Gavriel and member of the machon’s semicha committee.

The students came to the test well-prepared after learning the halachos of meat and milk in Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deiah, in shiurim given by the head of the machon, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, who is known for his ability to explain things clearly. With his help, even complicated, difficult topics were made clear and understandable to all.

The hanhala of the machon made it their goal to make learning halacha accessible for working people, men with families, without compromising on the level of the learning, so that each one, whether he is a rebbi in yeshiva or a mashgiach of kashrus, a doctor or a lawyer, can master the curriculum and receive a semicha certificate.

Classes are held in the evening after a day’s work and all classes are also on zoom. Afterward, students can watch replays of the shiur on the machon’s website if they were unable to participate in the shiur.