Registration Is Open For Our Second Year

Smicha is often learned before a bochur gets married. Once he begins to build his home he inevitably becomes very occupied with securing a parnassah for his growing family.

A dream he may have had of taking the time to sit down and learn the halachos that are so relevant in his life begins to seem like a far off fantasy. He can barely find the time to learn with a daily chavrusa, let alone join an extensive, time consuming Smicha program.

Now, thanks to Lemaan Yilmedu, Smicha is now an attainable goal for so many.  

The twice a week Shiurim are given live with a virtual option for those who live out of town and are unable to attend in person classes. The classes are led by Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm who, using his signature thorough and engaging teaching style, breaks down the most technical topics into bite sized pieces so that anyone can easily understand the material.

Each student receives a set of custom workbooks that contain translation and visual accompaniments to ensure that the one learning the material has a crystal clear understanding of the subject at hand.

Every single class is recorded so that if any of the students miss a class, they have automatic access to all of the information to catch up, review and review again!

At the end of the year, each participant who passed all of the required exams will receive a Smicha certificate signed by 5 of the most respected Rabbonim: Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, Mara D’asra and members of the Crown Heights Beis Din; Rabbi Dovid Refoel Banon, member of the Beis Din and Dayan in the Lubavitch community in Montreal; Rabbi Yochanan Gurary, Rav of Cholon and member of the Beis Din of Rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael; Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner, posek and author of Nitei Gavriel, and Rabbi Dovid Schochet, Rav of the Chabad community and president of Agudas Ha’Rabbanim in Toronto.

Currently, Lemaan Yilmedu has a limited student capacity. Last year, they had to cap their registration at 100 participants, leaving many more on a waiting list.

If learning Smicha has always been something that you wanted to do but was always moved to the back burner because of commitment, logistics, or the expense, check out Lemaan Yilmedu. It just may be the perfect solution and your key to turning this dream into a reality.